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You are required to prepare and submit an original post by 11:59 PM on the assigned day and respond to any questions posed to you by the instructor or other members of the class. Original posts should be at least 3 or 4 paragraphs in length. Any information in your posts must be properly cited (APA), if necessary, and proper grammar and punctuation must be used. Remember, this is not an opinion forum. Your answers should be based on fact and the source of your factual information should be noted. Information on APA formatting and paraphrasing articles can be found under Course Materials.
The consensus perspective of crime holds that a law should be enacted to criminalize a certain behavior when the members of a society generally agree that such a law is necessary. Is it really possible to achieve consensus in a diverse population such as the United States? Are our laws enacted using this perspective or in some other manner? Cite examples using actual laws enacted by Congress.
Remember, this is not a strictly opinion based question. Your opinion is welcome, but you must supplement it with facts and examples from your text and other sources. All corroborating facts must be documented using APA style (see Course Materials). When citing the text, you may use only the page number. See the grading rubric for details on your submission.
The assignment is worth up to 10 points.
Respond to the original posts of at least 2 classmates by the assigned day at 11:59 PM. Responses such as, I agree, or thats what I would do, will earn no credit. You must post during the time frame in which the question is posed. Late responses will result in a grade of 0.
Discussion posts are used to determine attendance. You may not make all posts on the same day.