a nine-page career/personal development plan

5-Year Personal Career/Development Plan

Write a nine-page career/personal development plan including the following:
Your personal vision and mission statements.
Your definition of success.
Reality Check
Do a personal SWOT analysis.
Create an inventory of your skills and resources available to you.
Include the areas in which you would need help to further develop your career.
Name three mentors who could guide you. Indicate what their areas of expertise are. Think of them as your personal Board of Directors.
Include one long-term career goal and five short-term career goals.
Make a list of other goals that are important to you (philosophical, living conditions, physical, health, social, etc.).
Describe your strategy for maintaining a work-life balance.
Plan of Action
Prioritize your goals in order of importance and assign a due date (day/month/year) to each goal.
Describe the strategic tactics you would follow to secure the material and human resources you would need to achieve your goals?
Choose one of your goals (project) and create a timeline for it; that includes:
Breaking your project into tasks and indicating what you will do yourself and what other people (assignees) will do.
Assignees: For each task you would need help with, indicate who is willing and able to perform the task.
List your tasks in the order in which they should be done (some tasks cannot be started until you have finished others).
Explain how you will reward yourself each time you reach a major milestone.
Assign a due date to each task.
Progress Report
Write a brief report on the project you selected to create your timeline. Include the following:
Actions carried so far, and results obtained.
Actions in progress.
Actions you will take within the next six months.
Results Measurement
How will you measure results and how frequently?

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