a presentation on an Canadian Indigenous role model- one who advocates for change, raises awareness, promotes cultural expression, etc.

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this part 1 of my final project, it is a powerpoint presentation that has to be 8-12 slides and atleast take 4-5 minutes to read on an Indigenous role model there are certain instructions that you must follow that will be in the file i attach please read everything that it says and follow them i can have 0 mistakes, if you need to pick a role model, at the end of the instructions there will be a list you can pick from, dont worry about when it says 4 minute speaking time i can do that myself i just need the powerpoint done. please dont plagerize (copy and paste) im guessing youll know what to do so i dont have to say anything else, thank you. (ps, it doesnt have to be 550 words exactly, thats just how much words you can averagly speak in 4 – 5 minutes)