Academic Writing Technique Exercise

Words: 120
Pages: 1
Subject: Premium Writing

Using your Developing Good Research Methods Exercise (ATTACHED), paraphrase each quote and incorporate ghostwriting at the beginning, middle, or end of each sentence.

Ghost Writing = Writing behind
your source. This means that you
will use the scholar’s name
directly in the sentence whether
that’s at the beginning, middle,
or end.

List your new paraphrased sentence under the direct quote that it’s paraphrasing.

3). You may include up to a 3-4 word direct quote in your sentence if the source uses specific terms or phrases that you could not paraphrase any other way.

4). Ensure that you have a signal phrase in each sentence (According to Williams, Williams explains that, …as stated by Williams).

5). Do not worry about citations or references for now. You will include those in the next stage