Adolescent development brochire

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Subject: Premium Writing

Understanding the major theories, principles, issues, and applications of adolescent development and learning will inform your instructional practice. Your understanding of these concepts will prepare you to communicate with families about the development milestones of their children.
Develop a 500-650 word digital brochure for your current or future students, parents, and families. Your goal is to inform and prepare families regarding the major developmental milestones they can expect to see in their child. Design your brochure to inform them of major theories an concepts regarding adolescents and their development, including how parents can involved and actively participate in their childs development.
Outline the following in your brochure:
1- Describe the developmental period of adolescence, including the sub-period of early adolescence, middle adolescence, and emerging adulthood. Provide specific examples of typical school- related behavior found within each sub-period.
2- Provide and overview of the key theories related to adolescence, including the biological, psychoanalytical, cognitive, and social learning views of adolescence. Acknowledge key theorist and their major contributions.
3- Outline and define the roles on nature/ nurture, continuity/discontinuity, and early/late experience and their effect on adolescent development and classroom learning.
Use digital brochure format, including a title, heading/bullets and graphic as appropriate. Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.