African Nationalism and Pan-Africanism

Reflecting on the film, LUMUMBA, explain the reasons for the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the Prime Minister of the Congo at independence. Identify the various parties responsible for his death
and their motivations for his murder in 1961.

What did Lumumba represent for the people of Congo and people around the world oppressed by
colonial/imperial rule? Why did his ideals pose a threat to Western interests? Discuss the role of the
West in undermining Lumumba’s efforts to free Congo from colonial rule and from the exploitation of
foreign interests.

LINK TO FILM — ( ) please copy & paste.
I’ve also attached “Patrice Lumumba’s Independence Day Speech” as another reference.

1. Draft your response, check spelling, grammar and word count (100 – 125 unless otherwise
2. Review citations: post should reference the assigned reading/video/podcast by paraphrasing ideas or quoting directly and citing sources with in-text citations in APA format: (author, year, page #)

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