After carefully reading assignment details (below) and the short story “Girl” (link included), respond to the prompt (at bottom).

After carefully reading assignment details (below) and the short story “Girl” (link included), respond to the prompt (at bottom).

What story must I read to complete this assignment?
Click on the following link to read “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid: DiagnosticEssay_Girl_Reading.docx

What is being evaluated?

This diagnostic essay evaluates your ability to respond to a prompt about a short reading within a designated time.
It is used to determine if a student has been properly placed in the course and to identify any particular weaknesses that may be addressed during the semester.
Your essay is graded pass (complete) or fail (incomplete) but does not count toward your final grade.
Students who do not display the writing skills needed to begin this course may have their placement adjusted (i.e., be assigned to a different course) or be required to attend tutoring and/or workshops.

Elements of writing that will be evaluated by this diagnostic essay include:
Understanding the reading and the prompt

Developing an argument

Analyzing the text

using both your own words and textual support

Organizing and structuring your response

Demonstrating control of mechanics (including academic grammar, syntax, and sentence structure)
What should a well-written essay include?

Introduction: One paragraph… introduces topic… features a thesis statement that relates directly to the prompt

Body: Two paragraphs… each discussing a single point relating to your thesis… with topic sentences and textual support

Conclusion: Restates thesis… summarizes main points of your argument… brings closure to the essay

What are some writing tips to achieve success?

Introduction: Identify the topic of your paper, i.e., what your paper is about.
Thesis: Position the word you choose as the most important word in the essay.
Body: Present a separate point in each of your two body paragraphs to explain why the word is important.
Conclusion: Reinforce your thesis, recap your argument, and leave the reader with a profound thought or question.
How should I present my essay in the text entry field?

Be sure to separate each paragraph with at least one space and a designation such as [INTRO] or [PARA 1].
Short story titles are put in quotation marks; book titles are italicized.
Cite text from the story by referencing the line numbers of the quote. Use this format:
“…. I do not like green eggs and ham” (5-6).

What is the prompt?

Based on your understanding of “Girl,” what is the most important word in this Jamaica Kincaid short story? Defend your choice.

4 or 5 paragraphs