Analyze a Social psychology research article for validity and ethics

Words: 315
Pages: 2
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Analyze the article you selected by responding to the following questions:
Briefly, what were the research method, the purpose of the study, and the main finding(s)? As this is a brief statement of the main finding(s), do not provide details such as means or other statistics.
What potential threats are there, if any, to the study’s external validity or generalizability? What about the study, if anything, enhances its external validity or generalizability?
Do you have any concerns regarding whether the study was conducted ethically? Explain in terms of the information you learned in the assigned readings (e.g., informed consent).
Recall this week’s Discussion Spark about various prosocial behaviors. What prosocial behavior or act could increase understanding of, or provide support to someone dealing with the issues presented in your selected journal article? The prosocial behavior could be something described in the journal article, explored in the Discussion Spark, or a prosocial behavior that has not previously been mentioned in the course.
What theory or concept described in Chapter 11 explains the motive for this prosocial behavior?
What personal quality of an individual or situational determinant would increase the likelihood of this prosocial behavior occurring?
(I wrote about dieting in the Discussion Spark for prosocial behavior examples)