Analyzing Current ACLU Issues

You will choose a current controversial civil liberties issue to analyze and argue for the defense of.
Capital Punishment
Civil Liberties
Criminal Law Reform
Disability Rights
Free Speech
Human Rights
Immigrants’ Rights
Juvenile Justice
LGBTQ Rights
National Security
Prisoners’ Rights
Privacy & Technology
Racial Justice
Religious Liberty
Reproductive Freedom
Smart Justice
Voting Rights
Women’s Rights

Remember that your sources should not have an agenda or bias!

Write a 5 paragraph essay responding to the prompt. Your paper should have an introduction that contains a clear topic statement. There should then be supporting evidence that is explained in subsequent paragraphs and end with a conclusion. Consult and cite worthy sources.

Papers should include a brief heading and title, be doubled-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman or Arial font, with 1-inch margins.