Anatomy and Physiology 2

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please answer the following questions.
You are a pediatric nurse auscultating heart sounds on a newborn.
Where on the thoracic surface do you auscultate to the tricuspid, mitral (bicuspid), pulmonary, and aortic valves?
A ventricular septal defect is a hole in the heart muscle wall between the right and left ventricles. On a newborn, where do you think would be the best place to auscultate abnormal heart sound? Explain your answer.
What are the normal sounds of the heart? Explain what causes these sounds.
When a ventricular septal defect occurs, the heart allows blood to mix between the two ventricular chambers.
Due to this defect would you expect the blood to move from left-to-right ventricle or right-to-left ventricle during systole?
Based on your understanding of blood pressure and resistance in the heart and great vessels, explain your answer to question 3a.
Trace the path of a blood cell as it travels through the body. Start and end with the inferior vena cava. = Then, trace the path of a blood cell traveling through the body starting and ending with the superior vena cava.
Which side of the heart contains oxygenated blood? Explain. Which side of the heart contains deoxygenated blood? Explain.
Explain systemic cardiac output. What factors are involved in cardiac output?