Application of Aeronautical Concepts in Todays Airline Industry

In the aviation industry, it is essential to integrate all business lines to achieve maximum company efficiency. In todays society, we have been hearing more about the importance of increasing workplace diversity. However, what good is diversity, in the airplane, for example, if we do not include our fellow crewmembers in the decision-making process? Capitalizing on the concepts learned throughout the course, write a research-based paper explaining how the emerging discussion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion relates to real-world application of 5 (five) or more of the following concepts: aeronautical decision making, crew resource management, threat and error management, modern techniques and technology, national and/or international business sustainability, and/or Part 91/135/121 operations.
You have the liberty to explore any aspect of the aviation industry as long as your proposed strategies for DEI incorporation to real airline world applications are grounded in sound research.

This assignment is to be 1500 2000 words, include 6-7 references (at least three of them scholarly references), have a title, abstract, reference page, and be formatted according to current APA 7th ed. style guidelines (first person should not be used).

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