Words: 133
Pages: 1
Subject: Premium Writing

Paper 1: Archaeology
Must be turned in on Canvas. If unable to submit it, you must email it to me.
Please bring a hard copy to class.
Write a 3 page paper on an archaeological site (DO NOT choose a hominin (aka ancient human) site). Size 12 font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced
Suggestions of questions to address:
*You do not have to answer all of these. These are here to help you if you get stuck. Tell me about your site.
What is the site
How was the site and excavated?
Why is this site important?
How did the discovery of the site contribute to the overall understanding of the past and the culture? Can be specific or broad.
What does this site tell us about the people who lived there/used it?
Include a works cited page: at least 2 peer reviewed sources
APA or MLA format