Are there any other micronutrients that might be low in Lindsays diet because she avoids meat? If so, what are they?

After carefully reading and studying the content in chapter 6, read and answer the case study questions and post them to the discussion board.
Week 6, Chapter 6 Discussion Case Study- Lindsay
Assignment Instructions:
Use critical thinking and apply the information you learned in chapter 6.
Answer all the questions completely.
Write a well written paragraph to answer each question.
Your instructor is looking for 3-4 key points in your responses that relate to this weeks readings.
Reference your information using the APA citation format.
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“It was really hard spending last summer with my parents, because we kept arguing over food! Even though I’d told them that I’m a vegetarian, they kept serving meals with meat! Then they’d get mad when I’d fix myself a hummus sandwich! When it was my turn to cook, I made lentils with brown rice, whole-wheat pasta primavera, vegetarian curries, and lots of other yummy meals, but my dad kept insisting, “You have to eat meat, or you won’t get enough iron!” I told him that plant foods have lots of iron, but he wouldn’t listen. Was I ever glad to get back onto campus this fall!”
Your Advice for Lindsay;
Lindsay is a ballet dancer who trains daily. If she eats a vegetarian diet including meals such as the ones she describes here, will she be at risk for iron deficiency? Why or why not?
Are there any other micronutrients that might be low in Lindsays diet because she avoids meat? If so, what are they?
Overall, will Lindsay get enough energy to support her high level of physical activity on a vegetarian diet? How would she know if she were low in energy?
Suggest at least 3-4 specific alternative eating choices (meal or snack ideas) as it relates to the case study prompt.

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