Asian American History

Words: 373
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Your response to each of the following questions should be typed, ~200-500 words. Be sure to do the following: 1) define the terms; 2) explain how you understand the terms relating to eachother; and 3) explain the significance of this pairing for understanding key themes and “big picture” takeaways in Asian American history.

1) nation of immigrants, Nationality Act of 1790

2) Empress of China, Chang and Eng the Siamese Twins

3) Migrant labor system, taxi dance halls

Defining the terms:
5 points: accurately and sufficiently define the term (in the context of the course).
3-4 points: generally accurate definition but missing some key aspect(s).
1-2 points: inaccurate definition, but some effort.
0 points: inaccurate or no definition.
20-23 points: demonstrates deep understanding of the terms and their significance; analysis
might draw on other key terms and concepts from the course to answer the “so-what” question;
convincingly argued and well-written.
17-20 points: demonstrates an understanding of the terms and how they relate to each other.
10-17 points: demonstrates an effort but lacks in analysis; missing key components of how theyrelate and their significance.
0-10 points: inaccurate or no effort

support essay:

1.“May Jeong, How the Atlanta Spa Shootings – The Victims, the Survivors, Tell a Story of America ”

2. “The Chang and Eng Exhibit: The Lost Museum Archive ”

3.“Nationality Act of 1790 ”

Nationality Act of 1790

4.“Page Law of 1875 ”

Page Law (1875)

5.“Illustrating Chinese Exclusion: Cartoons of Thomas Nast (1840-1902) ”

Choy, Asian American Histories, preface (vii-xviii) and introduction (pp. 1-10)

Choy, Asian American Histories, Chapter 1 (pp. 11-30)

Lee, Quiet Odyssey, introduction (xxvi-lx)

Lee, Quiet Odyssey, all


Choy, Asian American Histories, chapter 6 (pp. 113-132)