benefits of self-discovery

Please submit your Final Research paper exploring your chosen aspect of Self-Discovery/Self-Realization here.
Your 5-7 page, double spaced, MLA formatted argumentative research paper should be uploaded as a .docx or .pdf file.
Within this rubric, you can potentially gain 6 points in each of the five areas for a maximum of 30 points. Be guided accordingly to include the following:
i) Your Own Original Title and Thesis statement/sentence that clearly tell your stance on the topic,
ii) Critical thought defending your thesis that strives to go beyond the superficial and obvious,
iii) Well-structured, organized ideas logically presented in complete sentences and fully-developed paragraphs. Said ideas must be supported with your original reasoning and relevant references (both paraphrased and quoted) from the text,
iv) Appropriate vocabulary for the seriousness of the topic and your college-level reading audience
v) Correct spelling and punctuation.

What is an outline? Why do you need it?
An outline is a logical way of organizing contents of your research to present your ideas and provide the most effective connection among various parts of your essay. In the absence of a proper outline, you will not only overlook certain critical points but also confuse the reader once you compile your final document. Drafting an outline may consume an extra 15-20 minutes, but might save you from a lot of trouble in the longer run.
Components of an Outline!
To better help you organize your research, your outline should have the following three major components:
I. Introduction
II. Body
III. Conclusion
A good outline will help you start off from the intro and gradually move smoothly towards the conclusion.
How to create an outline?
Once you have identified the above-mentioned components, you can now split them further into categories and subcategories to include minor details. Remember an outline is only there to help you give form to your ideas. Part of giving form to those ideas is recognizing the distinct parts of your argument. Each of these distinct but connected parts should be addressed in its own subtitled section within the body of your essay. Conceivably, your body can consist of 2-4 subsections for a 5-7 page paper. Experienced writers often write a set of subtitles/subheads first because its an ideal way to organize complex information and work efficiently. Subtitles have been a winning formula for organizing my own written work and long projects, so I strongly recommend subtitling your paper. In a recent presentation, I gave, Seu Cabelo Revela: Towards Decolonizing Afro-Brazilian Hair, for example, the body was organized around 3 subtitles:
i) The Roots of Black Hair in Brazil
ii) Creeping, Then Running, Towards Blackness
iii) Arts Role in The Rise of Cabelo Black Power
For this particular stage of your research planning, think of the body of your work. What 3-5 subtitles would make sense in organizing your paper?

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