Biology ll Lab 8

What is the hypothesis the author is presenting? Does the author have enough evidence to support their point of view?

Who is the target audience of the article? (For example, is the target audience people with a specific viewpoint, people of a particular background, or people with a predetermined point of view?)

If any, are the arguments presented in the article valid?

Does the author appear to have any flaws in the argument? Is the author overlooking something important?

Does the author appear to reach a logical conclusion based on the evidence in the article?

* This should be one page, double spaced, use 12 inch font

*Please make sure you add your views in your paper (ex. was the article well written? Did you like or dislike the article? What did you take away from this selection?)

*As this is a scientific article and may be a little difficult to understand an easy way to grasp it is read section by section making notes of important information that you can use in your summary

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