Blended Eggnog Latte Evaluation

Words: 375
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Since the draft you provided is only one paragraph, I’ve reproduced it below. The reason that you were to turn in a file upload is that you really need multiple paragraphs to cover the rest of the required content, and you’ve touched on several here. I’ve changed the formatting to help them stand out. Flavor is in plain italics, appearance is underlined, and customization is in bold. Then at the end you have a comment on seasonality. EACH of these ideas needs its own paragraph that begins with commentary on the criterion and then judges the drink according to the criterion. You’ll need to do some pretty extensive reworking here to create the paper’s full body:
The beverage is an explosively delicious and smooth mix for those who love coffee and a strong eggnog flavor. According to the season, the cup can be standard transparent or opaque with specific winter designs, and the company name and logo, a blue windmill, are printed in it. Although it can vary each year, their presentation is undoubtedly eye-catching. The mixture of coffee with eggnog gives it a medium-tone cream color wrapped in stripes of dark caramel that adorn the cup’s interior, which is striking to the eyes. The topping is a mixture of marshmallows or whipped cream. The broista (their term) can add cinnamon powder or other tasty garnishes to satisfy the client’s wishes. My sister tried the Blended Eggnog Latte and strongly agreed that it tastes like eggnog with a hint of coffee. “A unique and delicious flavor combination,” she said. Remember, this item is only available during the Thanksgiving through Christmas season.