Book Project Summary (BPS)

Read and provide a summary of one of the books listed below, as well as a reaction to the book (e.g., what you found interesting, new, surprising, controversial, useful) and two applications of the books principles to your life.

Your summary of the book should be one page, single spaced. Subheadings might be helpful to break up the material, but dont use them simply to fill empty space.

Your reaction and application should be one page, single spaced. Using subheadings for reaction and application would help.

You should avoid including a large number of quotes (one is fine if you find a good one, but any more than one is too much).

Also note that book summaries will be closely checked for plagiarism (against outside sources, the book, and other students in the class), so make sure to work independently and paraphrase.

Book options: You can summarize one of the following books (these are the only options)
o Cheapskate Next Door Yeager
o Contagious Berger
o Marshmallow Test Mischel
o Millionaire Next Door Stanley and Danko
o Nudge Thaler and Sunstein
o Power of Habit Duhigg
o Psychology of Investing Nofsinger
o Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding Steketee and Frost
o The Hidden Brain – Vedantam
o Why We Buy Underhill

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