Breaking the Norm

Breaking the Norm
This project is designed to introduce the student to the norms of our everyday world and what it is like to disrupt these expected ways of behavior. You are required to go out into the social world and break what is known as a folkway or a norm that is not strictly enforced. You are then expected to write about your personal experience and the reactions you received from those around you.
This project should include a/n:

1. Introduction it must:
*define and explain what values and norms are
* discuss the importance of norms and values in society and what function they
serve in society (in other words, what do values and norms do)
*explain how values and norms are different but related
*what you seek to explore/examine in this paper by conducting your experiment

2. describe what norm you broke and, if possible, what value/s this behavior challenges

3. describe how people responded (in other words, what were the positive or negative
sanctions received)

4. explain how you felt violating this norm

5. Conclusion what did you learn?

Your write-up must be:
12-point font, Times New Roman

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