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Question 1
Ravi is interested in setting up a Legal Tech Solutions business. He would like to which is the best type of business organisation he should choose.
Please set out advantages and disadvantages different types of business organisations which will help him to decide.
Question 2
Euro Ltd manufactures wooden crates. James is the recently appointed Factory Manager at Euro Ltd.
Manager at Euro Ltd caught Yasmin shouting and being rude to another colleague so he sacked her straight away and escorted off the factory. Yasmin has been with Euro Ltd for 5 years and never done anything like that before. Since dismissing her the manager of Euro Ltd has found out that Yasmin posted a rude comment on Facebook about the company and the manager. Gina is an employee of Euro Ltd.
Reema has worked on the factory floor at Euro Ltd for 5 years. Reema has always enjoyed the variety of her work. When James started working for Euro Ltd he allocated Reema to one of the sorting the crates roles. Being a sorter operative involves standing in the same place all day inputting sizing which Reema found very boring. Reema asked James if she could continue working in a variety of roles as she had done previously. James replied: I dont want girlies handling the Crates. Girlies are not strong enough and will cause damage if they drop them.
Advice Yasmin if she can bring a unfair dismissal claim against her employer.
Advice Reema whether the discrimination claim against Euro Ltd would be likely to succeed? Set out full reasons for your answer.

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