Business processes

“For over fifty years, computing technology has been a part of business. Organizations have spent trillions of dollars on information technologies. But has all this investment in IT made a difference?” Excerpted from Information Systems for Business and Beyond, (2022), David T. Bourgeois, Ph.D. The million dollar question today is, has all this investment increased productivity and effectiveness of organizations?

The assignment will examine the various business processes used within various corporations. Review the process for documenting a business process and how it can assist an organization. Also, identify an ERP process and how it enables a business to collect information and distribute.

Discuss Porter’s Five Forces and how they show a company’s competitive advantage.
What is the value chain and why is it important? Examine ERP and how it can create efficiency within a business
Share the cons of an ERP.
Outline the roles people play in the use of information systems. What roles manage the system and what roles use it?
Summarize why an ERP and information systems roles are important to an organization’s competitive advantage.
Hint: All resources for this assignment are found in this week’s textbook readings.

Submit a five-page paper in APA format. Use at least three references. Please note that title page and reference page do not count as part of the five (5) page total.