Case Study

A case study is a research method involving an in-depth and detailed analysis of a particular situation or scenario. In this case study project, you will have the opportunity to solve a medical mystery by researching a patient’s symptoms using scholarly sources and identifying the bacterial pathogen that is responsible.

You will choose ONE of the scenarios listed below to research. When this assignment is complete, you will submit a typed, well-constructed (complete sentences, proper grammar) report of not more than four double spaced pages (not including the works cited page).
Your report will answer each of the 6 questions below- make sure you devote at least one paragraph to answering each one FULLY.
1. What microorganism causes this disease? Make sure to give the name of the bacteria in proper binomial nomenclature and discuss any virulence factors or specific traits of this bacteria that influences the disease.
2. What is your diagnosis (i.e. what is the disease), and what specific features within the case were critical to your diagnosis of this disease?
3. How is this disease transmitted?
4. How is the disease treated? Make sure to be specific on types of treatments used and timing of treatment needed.
5. What symptoms might the patient develop if the disease is not treated?
6. What is the PROGNOSIS with treatment? (If you aren’t sure what prognosis means, please ask your instructor.)
This is a research paper so you must read and extract the above information from credible sources. You must:
Indicate the source of information you found in APA formatting, using BOTH a references sections AND in-text citations
Do not use direct quotes. In science writing, direct quotes are seldom used.
You need to paraphrase the information in the reference, and supply the citation.
Substantial use of direct quotes or quoting more than one sentence at a time will result in a reduction of points.

I choose this scenario below
“ Lila signed up for a mission to serve people in the remote villages of Pakistan where there is not running water or electricity. Before she left, she check to make sure it was safe to go politically, but forgot to check about extra vaccines for illness endemic to Pakistan. About a week after her arrival back in the US, she spiked a high fever of 103. She also experienced weakness and a piercing headache. She complained of stomach symptoms as well, such as diarrhea and stomach pain. She didn’t feel like eating anything. A rash appeared on her abdomen that appeared flat with rose colored spots. After 5 days of fever, she went to her doctor who took a blood sample and a stool sample, which revealed a Gram-negative flagellated rod-shaped bacterium”

To do this scholarly research, you will be using the skills that you have practiced in the Case Study Skill Assignments. Be sure to choose reliable sources, read the sources thoroughly, take notes on their contents, then be sure to properly cite them in your paper using BOTH in-text citations AND a works cited page.
Remember you need enough information to write a FULL PARAGRAPH answering each question above.
Use resources such as microbiology text books, encyclopedias, HCC Library databases (e.g. Pro Quest Biology, Pro Quest Nursing) journals and online medical and government (ie CDC) sites to research these questions.
We highly suggest that you take notes from the sources and THEN write your paper from your notes. This will help you use YOUR OWN WORDS.
Also, be sure to note which information came from which source so that you can properly cite the information in your report.