Case Study research report for Xiaomi

Essay must use update references to support, instructions as below:

1. Case overview: (400words)
i) how the business start – the idea, breif history of founders, the customer pain which needed solving.
ii) Target customers
iii) Key opportunities and challenges faced during growth. How many challenges were resolved.
iv) Key moments in the business’ history.

2. Analysis of the Business (1500words)
(Using appropriate model or framework e. g. SWOT, PESTLE, Porter’s 5 force, VRIO)
i) what are the key opportunities which the selected business can exploit to continue with their growth trajectory.
ii) identify some of the key threats which could impact the business’ growth going forward.
iii) Outline the company future outlook.

3. Common and Themes (800 words)
i) Use other 2 companies to compare (Brichbox and Christina Confections), find out are there any common opportunities or challenges which you have identified that companies faced during their growth?
ii) Outline the reason why you believe this may or maynot be the case.

4. Concultion and Reflective Report (500 words)