ccap brain research assignment

CCAP Brain Research Paper
Internet Research Assignment
Students must satisfactorily complete a minimum 3 page typed, single spaced, 12 point font computer researched report with documented web sites. On a separate (4* paper) record all 5 resources-directions and example are included. Because this is a program requirement, papers must meet these standards or must be re-written to meet the expectation.

Find and research on 5 internet sites to learn about brain development
Write about how the brain develops from birth through preschool years
Write about how social/emotional development are linked to the brain
Tell how this relates to teaching and care of children
Give examples of activities to support brain development

To be acceptable, the paper must be your own work. Plagiarism is wher students submit the work of someone else as their own. You are to read the articles and then share the information in your own words.
You may not copy the exact words of another writer.
When you are looking online, you may want to try some of these keywords to narrow your search:
early childhood brain development, brain research, preschool brain development, early brain development, toddler brain development, preschool brain research, activities for brain development, preschool brain building activities, brain development and socialization, brain development and emotions