The first slide is called Agenda. This slide has the title of all the slides that follow slide 2- namely slide # 3 till the last slide. The last slide is your references slide. References must be in APA

To begin with, start with a theoretical description or explanation of the topic. So, if my topic is Electronic Health Records, I will start by explaining what an Elect is. Health Record. This explanation of the theory is limited to a maximum of 2 slides. These will be slides # 3 and slide #4

Then, I will look for the advantages, disadvantages, and applications of my topic in the healthcare field. I will also look for 2-3 specific examples that I can find from peer-reviewed journal articles and 1-2 examples from trade magazines like Canadian Healthcare Technology. You can use any trade magazine, not just this one.

Things to look out for:

What is each article saying about this topic? So, for each article, you want to create a maximum of 2 slides. Mention the article title in the slide heading

How is my topic contributing to the field of Health Informatics? 1-2 slides about this point

Is there a common thread in all my articles that I found about my topic? If so, I will include this finding in my presentation.

You must find at least 4 articles about your topic. Look for 8-10 articles and then you can select the best 4 – 5 articles.
Articles pertaining to Health Informatics from anywhere on our planet are good. There is no need to look for only Canadian articles.

Finish your slide deck with a conclusion slide. This would be slide second-last slide. The conclusion slide is a repeat of the agenda slide, with the title of the slide now being “Conclusion”. The last slide would be references

Please use a light-colored background with dark lettering as the color schema for your slide deck. Make sure that there are no spelling and grammar errors. So, all the 4 articles must also have their citations mentioned as source in each pertinent slide as needed.
Nov 8, 3:12 AM
Topic is Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS)