Chapter paper: Jury selection and judges and juries

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Subject: Premium Writing

write a paper that summarizes synthesizes, and then applies the information from the Chapter
provided to issues relevant to the topic. (Chapter 9 Jury selection and Chapter 12 judges and juries from the book Forensic and legal psychology 3rd edition by Costanzo and Krauss 2018
The paper must identify the premise and supporting points of the chapter, a synthesis of the
information from the chapter, and a critical application of the premise(s) and supporting points from the chapter to an issue in psychology and the legal system. The paper should address:

Key points, patterns, and trends from the information in the chapter
How the chapter information applies to issues in psychology and the legal system
Analysis of the chapter information from a Christ-centered perspective?

The organization of your paper is very important.
Please follow current APA and make sure to use section headings in your paper.
Make sure to include a cover page and a references page although do not count those pages among your total final page count.
Also work to develop a well-formatted grammatically correct paper.

Your paper must be a minimum of 5 pages, be well-organized, and be reflective of your thinking and struggles in these very complex areas of psychology and the legal system.