Childhood development

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Pages: 1
Subject: Premium Writing

I chose to write about middle
childhood (generally 7 11 years of age). Was there a particular phase that surprised
you the most? Do you know, or have children that have experienced a particular
phase that youd like to write about? Did you have a significant experience growing
through one of the phases yourself? This may help you to select which phase to focus
Once youve selected your age range, youll want to discuss why you selected this
age range, and what in particular you are addressing. Examples of topics include
language development in early childhood, and bullying in middle childhood. You will
then summarize the findings in your research articles one by one in your paper. You
may compare the data, or you may discuss them individually.
Specific criteria include:
4 6 pages plus a cover and a reference page.
A minimum of 3 empirical sources (this means that data were collected on your topic).
If you call our reference librarian, shell be able to help you access the librarys online
data base.
Paper should be written and cited in APA format.