Christian Callings in a Post-Christian World, 1800 – Present”

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Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

When I say one source requires which mean the reading that I have uploaded so please read before answer and no outside. Only use the reading to answer the question below

Read the introduction for “Christian Callings in a Post-Christian World, 1800 – Present” (Placher, pp. 327-332).

In his introduction, Placher discusses how some are hesitant to define “job” as “vocation/calling.” After reading the introduction and the other readings for this week, where do you stand? Do you think that in today’s world that a person’s job equals their vocation/calling? If so, why? If you don’t think that a person’s job necessarily equals their vocation/calling, tell us why you think that. If you are somewhere in the middle on it, explain why you are in the middle on the subject.

Be sure to cite some examples from the readings to back up your reasoning for your answer.