Common Academic Writing Conventions

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Subject: Premium Writing

First, read Thonneys article in the readings for this unit and became familiar with the 6 standard moves she identifies across all academic writing. Then, write a 300-word post in which you identify examples of those 6 moves in Coyne et al. Does Reality Backbite
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. How and to what extent do Coyne at al. display each of these conventions? Support your answer by providing specific evidence from the article (paraphrasing, describing specific passages, or quoting from the article). All direct quotations must be enclosed in quote marks and include an MLA or APA in-text style reference (use the citation style preferred by your discipline if you are not sure, ask your instructor).
MLA style: blah blah blah (Coyne et al. 43).
APA style: blah blah blah (Coyne et. al, 2010, p. 43).