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Teachers need to be ready to provide parents with information regarding outside services if parents request the information. This can be hard to do if you havent already examined what is available in your area.
For your last assignment for this course, you will be looking at the resources available in your area. Using the answers to the extra question asked during each interview, find one community resource that you feel you will get asked about the most. Research this community resource to determine what services are provided, hours of operation, process to use services, history, contact information, and cost.
Take all of the information you discovered to create a flier that you could hand to parents about this resource. This flier should not be one that is available from the resource itself. It needs to be geared to the families in your community. It should be written in language that is meaningful to your families.
When you submit your flier, also include a 3-5 paragraph essay containing the other resources you learned about during your interview that you did not choose to turn into a flier, why you chose the community resource you chose over the other resources shared with you, and how you see this resource serving the families in your community. Post your brochure to module 10 discussion.