Company research report for Disney

Company Report
You will identify one publicly traded American company from the S&P500 list to conduct your research effort. Make sure you get approval to research the company. After you are approved to research on the company, you should locate the following set of data:
• Company Ticker.
• Sector and industry that the company belongs to.
• Top Executives.
• Company’s most recent 10K report.
• At least ONE competitor in the S&P 500.
• Identify at least one competitor in the S&P 500 company list and state its Total Revenue and Net Income its most recent year.
• Check out the major heading in Item 1A and identify at least two issues that can be classified as a weakness and two that can be classified as a threat.
• Limit this section to about one page (about 3 paragraphs)
◦ Competitor discussion (name, and its financial performance)
◦ Weakness discussion (from Item 1A of 10K report)
◦ Threat discussion (from Item 1A of 10K report)

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