Completing the following assignment will enable you to assess the degree to which the Revolution was revolutionary.

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Module 4 Worksheet
Answer the questions:
Why did the Continental Congress believe that their actions had to be shown as “necessary”? (What was the ideological basis for that belief?)
How do we know that Jefferson intended the Declaration to be read not only in silence but aloud as well? (In other words, what evidence supports that claim?)
Why did Jefferson believe that the situation required a thorough list of the acts which had compelled the colonists to declare independence when he had not included such detail in the justification for independence?
What is a “candid” world? (What does the phrase mean in this context?)
Why did Jefferson use the phrases “He is” and “He has” repetitively?
Why did Jefferson use the term “swarm” to describe something that, in reality, involved relatively few people?
Jefferson closed with the phrase “our sacred honor.” What did this mean? (You need to define what the phrase meant to the men of the times and what was the importance of including this phrase in the Declaration.)