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American policing began during colonial times and has its roots in England. Organized police forces did not begin until the 1700s in England, and prior to an organized police force, there was no uniformity in how criminals were arrested and punished. As population increased, crime rates began to rise in the 18th century. This assisted the growth of a new form of private police, which was able to make profit legally from the lack of formal police departments. They were known as thief-takers because they were known to be corrupt.

These corrupt private police profited not only from catching and informing on criminals but also from theft, receiving stolen property, intimidation, lying, and blackmail. The use of violence by these private police was common. This helped to evolve the profession of policing.

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The History of Policing in America
The focus of reform and professional development began in the early 1900s with a transition from political influence to advanced investigation and prevention methodologies. Answer the following questions:

Looking at the intellipath lesson “Historical Development of the Police,” what new techniques did Vollmer implement for policing?
Once new techniques for policing were created, officers were trained and encouraged to create a relationship with citizens in the neighborhoods they protected. This idea was known as Community Policing.
After reviewing the intellipath lesson titled “Police Support Functions,” is Community Policing important? If so. Why?
How might community policing make a difference in your neighborhood?
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