Compose a research paper on the topic of how to evaluate the accuracy of information.

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Compose a research paper on the topic of how to evaluate the accuracy of information.the name of the author, group, or editor responsible for creating the work
clearly displayed

find or link to the author’s credentials (e.g., job title, place of work,
education and areas of expertise, past experience, list of other publications,

evidence that the source went through a review process (e.g., peer
review, editorial review, approval by an advisory board, or some other means
of quality control)?

Be able to find the name of the publisher or sponsoring organization on the paper

Make sure the publisher or organization reputable

Make it look carefully prepared (e.g., well-written or designed,
mostly free of errors, easily navigated and functional)

find a mission statement or an explanation for why this work was

Make the source seem free of attempts to advertise or to sell a product

Make the source aim to serve an educational purpose that presents information
and interpretations objectively

Make the work avoid ofering an opinion or attempts to persuade

make the work avoid attempts to be funny or satirical

make the work avoid attempts to entertain
Accuracy and Verifiability

make the work document the sources of the information it presents (e.g., through
a bibliography, footnotes, or links to other works and through the inclusion of
quotations and summaries of sources in the prose or graphical interface)

Make the author’s or publisher’s contact information clearly listed?
q Does the source appear to be well-researched and factual, and can you follow
the trail of information provided should you choose to do so

Make the source provide a date of publication

make sure the date of publication suggest the information is sufciently current for
the topic presented

Make sure there any indications that the source has been influential (e.g., republished,
shared, reviewed, or discussed by others)