Compose a research study on the topic of “The impact of managerial coaching on employee performance.”

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I need you to summarize the attached 15 papers as below details (Part 2 of the assignment will involve summarizing the 15 quantitative, empirical research articles
that you identified that bear on your research question. This summary will take the form of an
annotated bibliography. For each of the 15 articles you identified, you will need to provide (a) an
overall summary of the paper – rationale, methods, results, and potential implications, and (b) a
critical analysis of whether conditions of causality were met in each study reported in each article.
For each article summary, consider the following:
§ What is the specific problem or research question addressed?
§ What was the study design? (descriiptive, correlational, or descriiptive?)
§ Who were the subjects?
§ In what context was the study conducted? Who was sampled, and where?
§ What were the independent and dependent variables?
§ How were these variables manipulated or measured?
§ What were the “headline” findings?
§ How generalizable are the results, given the subjects and study context?
For each article critical analysis, consider the following:
§ Internal validity. What conditions of causality did your study meet? What conditions of
causality didn’t it meet? Why? Think about whether you have strong confidence in the
internal coherence of the study.
§ External validity. Does the study general to other samples? Does it generalize to the “real
world”? Does it offer any implications for practice? Think about generalizability and
ecological validity.
Submission requirements: Each article summary and critical analysis should be one paragraph (half
a page long), single-spaced; point form is acceptable.

The research question was about “How does managerial coaching influence employee performance” and based on this I chose the articles