Consequences of Inaccurate Coding

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Coding Paper Instructions
The importance of
accurate coding cannot be overemphasized. A strong work ethic is crucial for
accurate coding. The consequences of inaccurate coding can be severe and cost a
great deal more than lost revenue.
You will write a 4 5 page,
research-based paper exploring the consequences of inaccurate coding. The paper
must address the impact of improper coding on patients, healthcare providers,
and public health information. Finally, the paper must discuss how having a
Biblical worldview influences professional work ethic. Include scriptural
The assignment must include an APA
formatted title page, at least 4 – 5 pages of content with APA formatted
in-text citations for references used, and an APA formatted reference page
citing at least 3 scholarly sources. The assignment must be in current APA
format, but no abstract is required. The assignment must be submitted as a Word
Be sure to include:

Impact of improper coding on patients

Impact of improper coding on healthcare

Impact of improper coding on public health
Impact of Biblical worldview on professional
work ethic (Scripture support required)