Create a travel budget

The mentioned itinerary will be attached.

Review the travel itinerary that you created last week.
Research the costs and fees of each line item of Jamie’s travel itinerary. Be sure to include her food, air travel, luggage fees, ground travel, and lodging. You may need to add items (like individual meals) that did not appear on your itinerary. Do not include tips.
In MS Excel or Word, create a spreadsheet or table that lists each travel expense. Include the date (in Column A), item name (in Column B), and amount (in Column C) for each expense.
Look up the per diem rates for the state and city
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where Jamie stayed.
On your spreadsheet, add the per diem rates for lodging and each meal (in Column D).
On your spreadsheet, note the amount over or under the per diem rate for lodging and meals (in Column E).
Upload your spreadsheet here.
The header row in your spreadsheet should look like this:
Date Item Amount Per Diem Rate (Over)/Under
June 22-28, 2021 Hotel- 6 nights $259.00 X 6= $1,554 $1686 Under $132
June 22, 2021 Dinner- The Moose Claw $41.00 $31 Over $10
June 22, 2021 Uber $20.00

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