Creative Expression

Throughout this course, we have been learning about how social power operates through ideas of gender and race in all kinds of visual representation. Often, visual representations have been central sites to express dominant and oppressive views of gender and race. However, we also learned about how people have used feminist, anti-racist/anti-white supremacist, and intersectional ideas to resist, re-work, and imagine alternative representations that acknowledge peoples full humanity. This assignment is a chance for you to analyze course material and use this knowledge as a foundation for your own creative expression.
For this final project, you have the opportunity to create your own form of representation and provide an analysis of your creation. Drawing from our class material grounded in feminist and critical race studies perspectives, students will produce a new work of creative expression, such as: art, collage, photography, creative writing, digital art, music, short recorded performance, and/or any other type of creative expression (email me if you have any questions about creative expressionmy policy is to leave the method of creative expression wide open).
TODO- Creative Expression: Students will produce an original piece of creative expression that is in direct conversation with the scholarly material covered in this class. You will be graded on your effort (not on your artistic skills) and your ability to create a representation that engages the material covered in this class. 40% of the total grade for this assignment.

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