Cultural Diversity Presentation

Create a PowerPoint presentation on any country of your choice.

Make an oral presentation to the class, using that PowerPoint.

You will be asked to grade your fellow team members on participation.

Things that MUST BE incorporated into the presentation:

● State at least two major contributions made to society by individuals from the selected country. (Contribution could be in any area, e.g. sports, music, science, art, human rights, etc.)

● Explain the significance of holidays celebrated in selected country.

Citations of sources used.

You must also include other background information on the selected country, including: maps, historical facts, cuisine, etc.

Things that could be incorporated into the presentation (select some items from this list):


Brief historical facts (population, climate, language)

System of government, education, and economy

Flags and what they symbolize

Currencies and their values

Literature, music, musical instruments pertaining to the selected culture


Samples of cuisine and apparel

Customs and traditions (e.g. marriage, religion, values)

Cite all sources used.