Culturally Responsive Curriculum

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Scribbles Preschool Classroom Description
Preschool Culturally Responsive Environment and Curriculum Checklist
Director’s Reflection: Preschool Culturally Responsive Practices

As the director of Scribbles Early Learning Program, you are committed to ensuring the development and learning of each and every child within your program. Your program utilizes a culturally responsive curriculum as a tool for supporting children’s healthy development and learning. Recently, the head preschool teacher asked for your help. She and the other teachers in the classroom are excited about the culturally responsive practices they have in place but they are also aware that they could be doing more. She hopes that you will observe the class and then meet with them to better clarify their strengths in this vital area and also suggest opportunities for improvement.

You are thrilled to have been approached in this way and share your enthusiasm for what the teachers have been doing and this opportunity for all of you to grow. You explain that you will observe their classroom over a couple of days and take notes on what you see. You will bring along a Preschool Classroom Environment and Curriculum Checklist that focuses on culturally responsive practices to fill out when you observe and also ask the teachers additional questions to fill in needed information. Based on what you have observed and the checklist, you will then write up your thoughts to share with them.

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