Decisions in Criminal Justice

This week, pick one choice you have had to make or that you may someday be forced to make in the criminal justice field. For example, it could be whether or not to lie about an unconstitutional search that you or another officer performed. Do not use an example discussed in the textbook. Using a consequentialist methodology with a calculation of pros and cons in a numerical weighing like Bentham’s felicity calculus, determine the pros and cons of that choice set, and explain which is the ethical choice to actually make in light of that methodology. Explain in full how you are utilizing the selected methodology and what are your results from the same. Your calculus should include scoring/points showing a quantitative analysis of your decision making. Continue by exploring outside sources (other than the textbook) on the subject of consequentialist ethics. Also, consider the criticisms of consequentialist ethics, particularly as demonstrated by your analyzed fact scenario. 7-8 pages, but you need not attach a cover page or abstract. Have fun (pun intended).

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