This is the feedback I got on the paper. You do not have any scholarly references to support your paper. The websites are fine as additional information but they are not peer reviewed articles. You may want to rewrite your paper with proper support. You also had the following APA error: 1. Headings and Levels of Heading In scholarly writing, sound organizational structure is key to clear, precise, and logical communication. Before beginning to write, consider the best paper length and structure for your findings. Headings in a document identify the topic or purpose of the content within each section. Headings help readers become familiar with low a paper’s content is organized, allowing them to easily find the information they seek. Headings must be clearly distinguishable from the text. For a deeper discussion on how to effectively create and use headings (and related text) for all users (including those using assistive technologies), visit the APA Style website ( Number of headings in a paper. The number of levels of heading needed for a paper depends on its length and complexity; three is average. If only one level of heading is needed use Level 1; if two levels are needed, use Levels 1 and 2; if three levels are needed, use levels 1, 2, and 3 and so forth. Use only the number of headings necessary to differentiate distinct sections in your paper; short student papers may not require any headings. Do not label headings with numbers or letters. Format. Table 2.3 shows how to format each level of heading, Figure 2.4 demonstrates the use of headings in the introduction, and Figure 2.5 lists all the headings used in a sample paper in correct format. (See Table 2.3 and Figure 2.4 and 2.5. Page 47-49 of the APA Manual Seventh Edition. The topic is dementia. I will upload the directions again.