Describe at least 1 specific challenge and 1 specific success you have had as a reader.

There are 2 parts to this assignment, I do not have a PDF for this book, so it will be a plus if you have a copy or can access a copy of the material. I have a few other assignments that I may need help with as well. But this assignment has 2 parts. Reading material is (Teaching Reading in Social Studies, Science,
and Math. Robb. Ch. 1-2, pp. 1-62.)

Part 1
In the Introduction, you have read about challenges to all readers, in the Laura Robb book (p15-20), you read about 5 specific roadblocks that readers face. Review these readings then answer the following questions: Which of the 5 reading roadblocks did you most closely relate to when you were learning to read? Describe at least 1 specific challenge and 1 specific success you have had as a reader. What do you believe are the greatest challenges your (future) students will face as readers? Cite some part of the text you have read to support your assertion. The total of all 3 responses should be no more than 3 pages, double spaced, and no less than 1 page. Journal responses are to be complete, well thought out, and clearly written.
Part 2
In the Laura Robb book (Chapter 2), you saw a quick overview of before, during, and after reading strategies. One of these was using graphic organizers. You will use the online tool, , to create a graphic organizer for chapter 2. Think about what the key concepts are for your primary bubbles, and then what related concepts or bubbles you want extending out from that. STEPS: Go to and create an account. Create your first bubble, 3 Part Learning Framework. Build between 15 to 25 additional bubbles, or concepts, linked directly or indirectly to this main concept. Go to the menu in the lower right corner, select export, select .jpg image. When you save the image to your hard drive, label it with your lastname_conceptmap.jpg. The JPG Graphic Organizer/Concept Map has three main concepts correlated to before, during, and after reading with at least five supported concepts for each area of before, during, and after reading. The total of all bubbles should not exceed 25. Try to pick what you think are the most important concepts. The resource Literacy Strategies: Concept Mapping may provide additional assistance in your assignment

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