Describe how you conducted the content analysis of online employer reviews.

The optional final research paper research paper will merge material from the previous assignments into a single document that resembles a typical published sociological study. The highlighted portions of the paper below should come from:
Occupation Description assignment
Online Employer Reviews
Worker In-Depth Interview
This very short document
can tell you more about the traditional format of a journal article.
Your paper will include the sections below, with the bolded headings. I recommend treating this outline like a checklist.
What occupation are you studying, and why?
How can studying this occupation tell us something sociological about work, in general? (adapted from the occupation description)

Background and Theory
Provide a big-picture description of your selected occupation (description of the basic tasks, summary of average pay, demographic characteristics, education, etc., adapted from the occupation description)
Summarize key research and theory about the dimensions of work that are most relevant for sociologically understanding workers experiences in this occupation. You will need to cite theories and published studies from the lecture and reading.

Describe how you conducted the content analysis of online employer reviews
Describe how you conducted your in-depth interview and what interview by a peer you also analyzed
Describe how you coded your interview data

Summarize the results from the online employer reviews. What are key dimensions of work that workers in the occupation find most relevant for evaluating employers? Include the combined summary table of the reviews
Summarize the results from the in-depth interview data. What are the key themes that emerge from these data?
How are the patterns similar or different between the types of data? (i.e., what do both projects consistently show? what does one data project tell you that the other doesn’t?)

Briefly summarize what you learned about workers experiences in this occupation beyond what you described in the theory/background section (i.e., what’s new here?).
Discuss the strengths and limitations of the methods used in your study.
The completed paper should be 6 to 12 pages long (double spaced), not including the bibliography or tables.
Please cite at least five (5) peer-reviewed sources (other than the course textbook). Any citation format is fine a long it clearly provides the relevant citation information (authors, publication years, publication titles, etc.).

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