Describe the health issue, consequences and/or treatments listed above 40.

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Grading Rubric: Managing Stress Assignment
Women’s Health: Managing Stress
Your essay will be 2 complete pages in your original thought. Be aware that if your
work is copied from another source, it is considered plagiarism and you will receive a
zero. Please organize your paper to include a 12 font, double spaced format. Please
provide 3 scholarly references at the end of your paper preferably from Clayton Online
Library. Select one topic from the textbook on stress or select your own topic. This topic
will be a source of stress experienced by women such as illness, life events, multiple
roles, financial, or others. You will develop one source of stress women experience;
measures they can use to manage the stress and the physical and emotional strain it
can have on the body and one’s lifestyle. What positive steps can women incorporate
when she experiences stress? Pretend you are counseling a woman coming to your
practice experiencing stress. Do NOT write about any of your own experiences.
Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Describe the health issue, consequences and/or treatments listed above 40.
Explains the subject importance to women’s health (3-4 sentences) 10
Describe what you learned about the subject (at least 5 sentences with examples) 20
Uses correct medical vocabulary (at least 4 words) relevant to topic 12
Correct and proper grammar used. No spelling errors 8
Referenced at least 3 website/journal articles from Clayton Online library 9
 References will not be counted as part of the “page report” and will be listed on a
separate page. Your written report will be 2 complete pages in length. Do not
include your name, my name or course as part of the title page. Title page not
 Medical vocabulary: terms used in a proper and professional manner. For
example: Clinical Anxiety Disorders, such as posttraumatic stress disorder
(PTSD) can occur in several situations such as……