Detective Fiction

Literary realism originates in the mid-nineteenth century when those frustrated with the
idealization in Romanticism wanted, to focus on the ordinary. Detective fiction
emerges at about the same time as Realism and writers such as Chandler, who argues that detective fiction must conform to Realism to be successful.

Assignment: Research to what degree detective fiction must be written in a
Realist style to be successful. What elements of realism must the author conform to in order to make a quality piece of detective fiction? Use evidence from primary analysis of detective fiction stories and peer-reviewed sources and articles written by literary critics about realism in detective fiction in literature.

Note: It is crucial that you research and define the meaning
of Realism in literature and do not confuse it with the everyday use of the word

Must include a people MLA work cited with open access to any sights used. Direct quotation is always preferred but not necessary for all sources

See Raymond Chandlers Essay I’ve attached for you on his thoughts on realism in detective fiction and use that as a baseline for this research topic.