Develop Analytical Recommendations that Drive Innovation based on Policy

Develop Analytical Recommendations that Drive Innovation based on Policy.

As a leading consultant, you have been tasked to identify, evaluate, and analyze policies in your country that can be both exploited and act as drivers of and for disruption.

Your analysis should consider the macro-dynamics, leading to interconnected and dependent industries and firms. It must be noted that policies are not independent; therefore, selecting a specific policy for your analysis should be part of your initial consideration.

In the absence of relevant policies to support and drive disruption, students can propose new policies. To achieve the above, must produce a 3000-word report.

Kindly note that a conceptual map is appriciated if incorporated. The use of transformational maps is encouraged.

Ensure that your analysis is contextualized—for example, by referring to the primary drivers of economic development in your country— Economic outlook? What factors were driving economic growth and development at the time? How can transformative technologies and businesses be created? Exploiting new avenues for economic growth?

Disruption through innovation or technology has the potential to drive economic growth. Examine how specific sectors innovate and how this contributes to economic development. What role does policy play in fostering disruptive innovation in an economy?

Do any country that is best to find information and policies on. Choice is yours.

Attached below is the rubric. Feel free to reach out for any questions at any given time.

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