Discuss about facilitate project management by executing project tasks and activities.

Discuss about facilitate project management by executing project tasks and activities.
Select a topic on performance improvement for this modules assessment and develop a project plan and definition. The improvement process/topic must be in the health care sector and involve multiple disciplines, such as health information technology, laboratory, radiology, infection control, etc. You may select a real process or a hypothetical one.
Prepare a Project proposal/charter or performance improvement project document that includes such items the project definition, project objectives, deliverables, high-level project activities, assumptions and constraints, an estimated project schedule, and estimated project costs, as applicable. The finalized list of components is dependent on the project selected and to what extent the project is initiated and activities are underway; suggested items and elements are listed below.
In addition to the selected reading and assessment outline, you can review resources from the project management web resources such as Project Plan/Project Definition (https://www.projectmanagement.com/contentPages/deliverable.cfm?ID=375&thisPageURL=/deliverables/375/Project-Plan-Project-Definition-#_=_) which includes other templates and types of checklists for streamlining your project charter/outline.
Suggested items and elements to include:
Background and current issues
Topic Selection/Process to be improved (Project objectives)
Rationale for choice
Process description
Whether the process is a real or hypothetical process
Current knowledge of the process
Health care sector involved/Disciplines involved
Members of the project/improvement team that knows the process including role and responsibilities of each team member.
Is there an appropriate project sponsor? Who are the project stakeholders?
Performance/Quality Application Tools (PDCA):
Identify an opportunity for improvement, and work through the steps of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) to select the process that will improve the opportunity.
Utilize this Process Tools Application Template (https://kapextmediassl-a.akamaihd.net/healthSci/HS460M1-M6_1907D/Rubrics/HS460_FP_Process_Tools_Application_Template.pdf) to assist you with your project planning and execution.
List of possible tasks that need performed (Project deliverables/schedule/costs)
Data collection on selected process improvement
Selected process improvement measures (how you will measure current performance and any improvement in performance)
Causes of special variation (Assumptions and constraints)
Analysis and interpretation of data including the use of visual performance improvement tools (flowcharts, bar graphs, control charts, line graphs) representative of the process and data collected.
Conclusion and Application
What departmental policies and procedures will need to be updated?
List any training program that needs to be put in place
Summary statement/Report of Findings
Literature review and Bibliography
Provide an annotated bibliography reviewing references used for your project.
Include at least 3 references.
Each reference must include an annotation at least one paragraph in length.

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