Discuss how foreshadowing prepares us for the ultimate disclosure of Anna’stragic secret.

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Topic to choose to from ONLY ONE TOPIC TO PICK:

The British protagonist, Lib, does not think highly of the Irish, judging by her thoughts andreactions during her tenure as Anna’s nurse in the Irish midlands. Discuss at least threenegative perceptions/criticisms Lib has of the Irish.

2. Discuss the clash between religion and science that permeates this novel.

3. Documentation plays an important role in The Wonder. Discuss.

4. Contrast (discuss differences) the Netflix version of The Wonder with the novel, written by Emma Donoghue.

5. Lib is proud to have studied as a nurse under Florence Nightingale who is referred to asMiss N throughout the novel. Discuss how Miss N’s guidance and instruction assertsitself as she watches over Anna.

6. Careful readers will see that the real reason for Anna’s fasting is foreshadowed throughoutthe text. Discuss how foreshadowing prepares us for the ultimate disclosure of Anna’stragic secret.

7. According to the narration, “Everybody was a repository of secrets” (p. 203). Discusssecrecy as it relates to at least three of the novel’s characters.

8. Visitors come from far and wide to see Anna. Why? Discuss reasons for Anna’s popularityand/or notoriety