Discuss how this is a Rogerian argument. What does King do that tries to appeal to his target readers?

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Module 5 is all about Rogerian argument, learning how your opponents on the other side of an issue think and trying to find common ground between you.

One of the more famous Rogerian arguments in modern history is Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” which he wrote–you guessed it–while in Birmingham, Alabama, jailed for marching for civil rights.

Now, this is a long text, and many of you will be tempted to skim it or skip it altogether. Don’t. Not only is it an example of the kind of writing we aspire to create in this unit (you couldn’t ask for a better model), but it’s also one of the most important documents in American history, not least of which because it isn’t really a relic of history. The words on the page are still relevant today. Plus, any college-educated individual ought to have read this document. Don’t shortchange yourself.

It is recommended that you download and print this article so that you may interact with the text as you read, using active-reading strategies:
(Article is going to be attached)

Finally, to help you read, you can and should have the author himself read it to you! Read along with King as he recites the letter.

What to look for as you read
Now, there are myriad ways in which to approach this seminal text. We are coming at it through the lens of Rogerian argument, though. So as you read (or listen), consider the following:

Who is King addressing, specifically? Who is his “opponent”?
What does his opponent argue? Why does his opponent make this argument?
What is King’s counterargument? That is, why does he believe his opponent is wrong?
Is there any kind of compromise offered in this letter?

The Initial Discussion Post
Under “responses” below, you will type an initial post of 1-2 paragraphs that address the following questions:

First, talk about your reading process. Be honest here. How challenging was it for you to read this document? Did you listen to King read it? Did you print it, take notes, look up words, etc.? How long did it take?
What parts of it do you struggle with? Be specific about what confuses you.
What parts of it did you enjoy or understand the most? Be specific here as well.
Discuss how this is a Rogerian argument. What does King do that tries to appeal to his target readers?
Finally, talk about your personal reaction to the letter. Also ask any questions you have that you haven’t already addressed in your post.